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2012/13 EPL Table: PDO, ShotDom And SoTDom

By Ben Pugsley | July 15, 2013 | Analytics


Think of this article and it's center piece - the sortable table - as an introduction to what some of my work at will look like. Of course there will be lots of words and some nice graphics, but I needed a home from my Bitter and Blue home where I could post tables like the one featured below.

Sortable tables. Tables that will feature crazy player numbers, individual team numbers and, of course, league wide numbers. I have a ton of information that I collect on each Premier league season (and probably la Liga from 2013/14) that sits in my database lonely and bored that could otherwise see the light of day.

At StatsBomb we have ability to post Tableau and sortable tables , which means we can show lots of weird and wonderful information side by side and allow the reader to sift through the table and sort the teams by the strength, or weakness, in any given statistic.

Oh, before I forget. The numbers I will post in some of these tables will not look like your average Premier League table. We will feature new statistics, adjusted numbers, Close Game State and lots of other alternative numbers.

Want an example?

Here is the 2012/13 Premier league table:


 TeamPointsWinsLossPDOShot DomSoT DomDiff
1Man United89285111.321.151.440.29
2Man City7823699.121.6620.34
8West Brom49141799.840.850.930.08
10West Ham461216104.390.790.72-0.07
11Norwich City44101497.790.770.76-0.01
13Stoke City42914102.390.710.69-0.02
15Aston Villa41101796.870.710.740.03

As you may have seen, this doesn't look like a normal table. Points  is in a funny place, there is no draws column (width purposes) and then there are four statistics that aren't usually featured on any table.

PDO A teams scoring% + Save%. League Average is 100

Shot Dom Shot Dominance, or TK ratio in my db. Shots for/Shots against. Ted's link is here

SoT Dom The same thing but just using shots on target instead.

For the purposes of this table I included Difference to show which teams had a better SoT Dom than they did Shot Dom.

Not many clubs manage the feat of having a better SOT Dom than Shots Dom. Man City and Man United skew the entire league. Everton, Liverpool scrape a positive number, West Brom look decent too.

The team with the  biggest negative Difference? Southampton with a -0.23.

Final Word

This table isn't too in-depth or radical, and it's not meant to be. This post is a hello of sorts and an example of what I hope to be running here over the course of next season. Premier League tables with PDO, and shots statistics. Tables with save% and scoring%, Game State info. Player per 90 numbers. A whole lot of numbers, a whole lot of alternative table, all running on a week by week basis.

There'll be lot's of other interesting stuff from me in the next two weeks or so. Think of historic player per 90's, an in-depth look at age and decline by position, plenty of team focus articles. Probably a little (big) article on corners, too.

Hello, welcome and we hope you like the site.

Article by Ben Pugsley