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By Ben Pugsley | August 9, 2013 | Boxes

A weekly round-up of stuff you should read. There has been tons of excellent stuff here on and I do want to link it, but if I start linking content from this site I may never stop. Instead, I impore you to go and read everything we write here at stasbomb, Now!

The Best Data Graphics you will ever see (link)

Really. Read this.

Gladwell, Simmons and Silver (link)

Three big beasts chatter away on a podcast over at Grantland. Enough said.

Cosh on SIlver. Again (link)

Colby Cosh swore he would never write about Nate Silver again, but here he is breaking his promise.

 'Silver went to the trouble of writing a whole book about what he does, but it is in the nature of such books to be bought more than they are read and read more than they are understood'

How did Mike Trout slip to #25 in his draft year? (link)

Interesting article here from Fox sports. How good, or should that be, how big is Mike Trout's name? I haven't followed baseball closely for some time and I even I know who he is! Oh, this (link) is pretty good too.

Gabriel Desjardin's Soccer Archive (link)

Some staggering work here (but not his full archive) with data of the like I don't think we have had access too before or since. In short: the soccer analytics community can't hold a candle to any of this work and Gabe wrote this stuff over 3 years ago.

He does stil write but it's about 5g technology rather than game state effects on weighted pass rates. I prodded him a week ago on shot quality and luck in soccer, but no luck. Although, this tweet from June gave rise to hope:


Open this link at your peril (link)

This is just sensational! The GIF Oracle by Jon Bois is the best collection of sports gif's you are ever likely to see. I lost about half an hout of my life in this post, and I feel lucky it was only 30 minutes.

Wayne Gretzky was traded 25 years ago this gifweek (link)

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News has a nice oral history of the trade which changed and expanded the NHL into new markets and away from it's traditional roots.

This happened one day before the gretzky trade 



Article by Ben Pugsley