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StatsBomb EPL Draft Vidcast

By Ted Knutson | December 23, 2013 | Boxes

Earlier today, Ben and I drafted franchises of Premier League players, based in part of performances thus far this year, and in part on building something that would be good going forward. This entry kind of takes the place of our podcast this time around and gives us a good excuse to talk about some of the better players in the PL this season as we head into the holiday schedule.

It was done as part of a Google Hangout, which means when we reference comments, there were chatters talking to us live while we were doing the draft. It's possibly a little rough right now, but we might try a few more of these throughout the course of the season and include additional people, since it's a bit easier to do with modern technology than a straight podcast.

Happy Holidays!

Article by Ted Knutson