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Radar Love: Robben, Reus, Sanchez, Navas, Firmino, Griezmann

By Ted Knutson | April 12, 2014 | Football

It had been a while since I produced any radars, but this week I've been fixing that. However, instead of just leaving them to be quickly forgotten on Twitter, I've started to use a post to dump recent radars into. This week, at reader behest, I did a number of wide forwards. There isn't much written analysis here, but hopefully the pictures kind of speak for themselves.







The short analysis of these players would read: Even at age 30, Arjen Robben is a monster. Shot monster, dribble monster, and excellent key pass numbers as well. He's basically unplayable, especially with Ribery, more creative but a slightly lesser scorer, on the other side.

Also note, Sanchez is very, very good. He doesn't have the dribbling numbers that Robben does, and his conversion is probably boosted by the Barcelona system, but he is excellent and has been since his Udinese days.





Article by Ted Knutson