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Gifolution: The Graceful Aging of #NED Star Arjen Robben

By Ted Knutson | June 29, 2014 | Boxes

Arjen Robben is amazing.

He's amazing because he only has one real dribbling trick in his bag, yet no one can stop it.

He's amazing because he went bald around age 20.

He is amazing because he bebopped around most of Europe's largest clubs until finally finding a home at Bayern Munich.

More than anything, however, the dude is an amazing footballer. Look at the gifolution below and the consistency of outstanding production even crossing the age 30 barrier. It is rare for speed players to maintain those gifts without making major adjustments to their game, but Robben seems the same, only maybe a little more relaxed and a little more lethal.

His 2010-11 radar covers so much space, it looks like an umbrella with a broken spoke. Very few players in the world have that type of production, and their names are Messi, Suarez, and Aguero. His rates that year were that good.

Here's one more amazing thing about Robben before I leave you today: In NONE of the last five seasons has he played 20 90s or more.

Always a little bit injured. Always a lot brilliant. Arjen Robben.


Article by Ted Knutson