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Gifolution: Alexis Sanchez. From Udinese to Barcelona to Arsenal

By Ted Knutson | July 11, 2014 | Boxes

Arsenal got their man. Alexis Sanchez, perhaps the best forward "available" on the market, is now an Arsenal man. Below shows how Sanchez's output has developed over the years.

When he started at Udinese, he was clearly in a more creative role. However, as the years went on, his goal scoring touch developed and by the end of last season, he had one of the highest goalscoring rates in La Liga without losing any of his passing creativity.

There are huge questions as to whether he is big enough to play center forward at Arsenal (he's only 1.70m tall), but he is a powerful runner and has the skill set to play any of the forward positions. Regardless of where he plays, Sanchez is a huge upgrade in attack for the Gunners.


Article by Ted Knutson