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Gifolution: What the Hell Happened To Roberto Soldado?

By Ted Knutson | July 7, 2014 | Boxes

You are a director of football. Concerned about buying flashes in the pan, you instead opt to pay a little more for a guy who has shown remarkable consistency at scoring goals. Over the previous four seasons, this guy's statistical profile has barely even wiggled.

He bangs home goals, with a high conversion rate, every single season. Like a reliable car that never breaks down, that's the guy you want, right?

That was Roberto Soldado.

Right up until he moved to Spurs.


Can he be fixed? He's not injured. It just seemed that the systems he had to play in were terribly suited to his skills, and even when he did get chances, everything just went wrong. Maybe Pochettino can help rebuild his form and make sure the system gives him better chances.

With Emmanuel Adebayor in the last year of his contract (meaning Levy is almost certain to find a deal for him before the summer is out), I would guess Spurs will still need to place at least some faith in Bobby Soldier.


Article by Ted Knutson