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The Peak and Decline of Ashley Young

By Ted Knutson | July 15, 2014 | Boxes

Summertime is project time. It's also holiday time, and the combination means it's hard to get fresh content on the site at the rate that I would like. Hopefully all of the effort now will pay off down the road.

But in an effort to produce new content, I've been adding more (quick) visualizations and less writing. These have generally come in the form of Gifolutions during the World Cup, or quick takes on a topic like Is Khedira a Defensive Midfielder.

Today is another one looking at Ashley Young's last five seasons. Sadly, none of these radars include drawing penalties just yet (I will eventually add those into expected assists when we make the transition there), but Young is one of the few attacking players in the database right now to transition from young player, to peak, and into plateau/decline in age.  Check it out.

Ashley Young 2010

Ashley Young 2011

Ashley Young 2012

Ashley Young 2013

Ashley Young 2014


Article by Ted Knutson