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Gifolution: The Majesty of Francesco Totti

By Ted Knutson | August 19, 2014 | Football

Francesco Totti. World Cup Winner. Euro 2000 Finalist. 5-time Italian footballer of the year. Golden Shoe and Golden Foot winner. 235 Serie A goals in 561 games, all for Roma.

Yet outside of Italy, he simply isn't revered. He should be - he is a magnificent footballer. Maybe it's because he has just the one Serie A title. Or maybe it's because Roma haven't been Champions League forces the way that the Milan clubs were in the 2000s.

The five years of radars below are exceptional. What makes them more so is that they START when he was 33 years old. At age 36, he had over 7 shots and key passes combined. At age 37, he slipped a bit... to merely 6.93. The style of Serie A allows its stars to age gracefully, but Totti's still putting up ridiculous numbers a decade after most players have reached their prime.

I can't wait to see him back in the Champions League this year, one final time.


Article by Ted Knutson