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Player Positional Tracker: Arsenal v Crystal Palace

By Colin Trainor | August 17, 2014 | Boxes

Arsenal 2 vs 1 Crystal Palace (16th August 2014)

A few things I noticed are listed below, but I am sure that people will have their own opinions on what the viz shows.

  • Other than Gibbs (and then Monreal), Arsenal were very much orientated towards the right side of the pitch. Cazorla was notionally on the right side of midfield, but the Spaniard played very centrally. Palace facilitated this as Puncheon (their right midfielder) also playing narrow and central
  • Chamakh played exceptionally deep during the second half - he was behind his midfield for large parts of the second half
  • Arteta played a very disciplined role. He never moved outside the centre circle on this image (Note, we are not suggesting that he didn't move outside the centre circle all day!!)
  • Cazorla and Ramsey played very close to each other, with Cazorla always just in positions that were slightly closer to the Crystal Palace goal
    Click on the viz to open in a larger window

Article by Colin Trainor