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Player Positional Tracker: Evian TG v Paris SG

By Colin Trainor | August 23, 2014 | Boxes

Evian TG 0  vs 0 Paris SG (22nd August 2014)

Some of my observations from the viz, having not seen the game:

  • PSG found it very difficult to keep up the attacking momentum following Cabaye's sending off after 63 minutes
  • During the first half, PSG were able to get overloads on the right side, as Aurier and Lucas Moura advanced more than Digne and Pastore on the other side
  • Evian TG kept it very compact during the opening half, with Sorlin sitting just in front on the centre backs, and Bruno and Nicki Bille also regularly dropping back
  • Overall impression is that PSG didn't dominate this scoreless game as much as could be expected, especially given their odds to win the match.  And this wasn't just the case following Cabaye's red card.


Article by Colin Trainor