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Player Positional Tracker: West Ham v Tottenham

By Colin Trainor | August 17, 2014 | Boxes

West Ham 0 vs 1 Tottenham Hotspur (16th August 2014)

The interesting thing about these vizs is that you can watch the clip a dozen times or more and you will see something different every time.  Below are some of my thoughts on the positions that players took during the game, but I know that each viewer will have their own different take on what stands out for them.

  • Until Naughton's red card, Spurs central defenders hardly operated in the centre of the pitch
  • In the lead up to the penalty (mid 20 minutes), West Ham had territorial dominance as they had virtually all their players in the Tottenham half
  • After the sending off, until the 60th minute mark, Eriksen and Adebayor seemed to largely occupy the same spaces
  • Townsend and Holtby both played high up the pitch after they came on.
  • Collins' sending off forced a West Hame rejig with Kouyate and Nolan both moving back a position

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Article by Colin Trainor