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Player Positional Tracker: Arsenal v Man City

By Colin Trainor | September 13, 2014 | Player Positional Tracker

Arsenal 2 vs 2 Man City

I'm always interested in hearing what readers pick out from these PPTs.  I've noted down a few of the wrinkles of the game that I picked up from viewing the Positional Tracker.

(Click on the gifs to open them in a larger window)

1st Half:

  • Welbeck started front central, but the front 3 (Welbeck, Ozil and Sanchez showed a fair degree of fluidity as they exchanged positions during the first 45 minutes)
  • City, on the other hand, had only Silva and Aguero appearing in central positions at the top end of the pitch - Navas and Milner provided great width
  • As usual, Zabaleta provided quite a few overlaps


2nd Half:

  • During the second half, Man City mainly attacked down their right side (this can be seen by comparing the size of the dots for Navas and Zab compared to Nasri and Clichy
  • Flamini dropped back noticeably deeper in the second half than the positions he took up during the opening 45 minutes.  This coincided with City largely winning the territorial battle



Article by Colin Trainor