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Podcast: Premier League Review 2014-15

By James Yorke | June 19, 2015 | Podcast

Returning from hiatus, it's the Podcast!

This edition focuses on the Premier League 2014-15: which teams will have been happy with their season?  Who had cause for concern and what truths were outed by the numbers?  Also highlighted are players that may have had better (or worse) seasons than you may think.  And I am mean about Coutinho, which will be popular. *ducks*

If you are an iTunes user (or want to subscribe to the pod via a different player) this link should help:

Statsbomb pod

(thanks to @cricsheet for the help here)

Hosted by James Yorke (@jair1970) and Benjamin Pugsley (@benjaminpugsley)

Article by James Yorke