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Podcast, July '15: Transfers And Needs

By James Yorke | July 24, 2015 | Podcast

It's another Podcast!

Enlivening your commute once more, and attempting to fill the horrific summer gap.

It's transfer season and the EPL is awash with TV cash. Is it being well spent? Are teams addressing their needs? Questions that need answers, right? And we attempt to shoehorn a few stats in along the way...

If you are an iTunes user (or want to subscribe to the pod via a different player) this link should help:

Stats Bomb podcast

(thanks again to @cricsheet for the help here)


And here's a direct link to the Soundcloud if needed: Stats Bomb Podcast

James Yorke (@jair1970) and Benjamin Pugsley (@BenjaminPugsley) thrash it out.

Article by James Yorke