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StatsBomb Podcast: February 2016

By James Yorke | February 22, 2016 | Podcast

Another edition of the StatsBomb podcast featuring James Yorke (@jair1970) and Benjamin Pugsley (@benjaminpugsley).


  1. Title talk
  2. Fallen Giants: Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea
  3. Credit for Rooney, prodigal forwards and the rarity in which they maintain
  4. Postbag

Ben's young forward charts can be found @objectivefooty


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New work on the site today from @_PeteOwen :

Luck vs Skill and Attack vs Defence

Also coming soon:

  1. a Liverpool breakdown from Dustin Ward
  2. a round table opinion piece from a variety of contributors
  3. a MLS preview from Coleman Larned


Article by James Yorke