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CONTEST: Design a Movie Poster for Knutson's Presentation

By Ted Knutson | April 11, 2016 | Main


I am giving a presentation at Science and Football on May 1st entitled The Death of Traditional Scouting. I am looking for a big splash image for the presentation in the style of a movie poster. My current thinking is something like an old Godzilla/Giant Robot disaster movie, but you people are awesomely creative, so if you think of something better, do eet!

Prize: £25 Amazon gift certificate.

All entries should be submitted to no later than Saturday April 16th, 2016. Please only submit finished entries and not works in progress or my email and head will asplode.

I will then choose the winner and the top 5, and include them in a post on the site here. I will also plug your work whenever I use the image.

All the best,


Article by Ted Knutson