The end is almost nigh, and it’s time to celebrate the wonder of Leicester!

It’s another edition of the StatsBomb podcast featuring James Yorke (@jair1970) and Benjamin Pugsley (@benjaminpugsley).

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  • Nin Jam

    Wow, this podcast does not really “celebrate the wonder of Leicester”. Instead, you massively disrespect Leicester! Very poor job…

  • Nin Jam

    Today, Atletico just beat Bayern Munich playing pretty much the same style as Leicester. If Leicester retain their team, why can’t they emulate Atletico and do very well in the Champions League?

  • Nin Jam

    As statheads, you should be celebrating the “small teams” and giving insight into how not just Leicester, but many more such clubs can break the monopoly of the traditional top 6 clubs. Instead, all you talk about is how to break up Leicester…i.e., which of their players will be bought by “bigger” clubs?? One expects better from you.

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