In a regular new feature podcast James Yorke and Ted Knutson take a look at summer transfer stories with a statistical angle.

Pelle, Tadic, Sane, Bacca,  Koulibaly, Andre Gomes, Middlesbrough and more!

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  • Joseph

    James and Ted, great podcast as usual. I’m a long time reader and read just about every article on the site. Statsbomb brings me tremendous joy, so I hope that you guys make the decision to keep the site going. Since you put out the bat signal, I do have three suggestions for the site.

    1. Podcast: I enjoy hearing each of your thoughts on different transfers and transfer rumors. However, I would like to hear more stats from you about the transfers and how that would fit into the teams they are joining or are linked with. For example, when discussing Man. City’s target Leroy Sane you both concluded that he was an excellent young player with a lot of promise, but I’m curious about what makes him so good. Ted hit on it a bit when he said Sane was a good creative wide forward with good dribbles and assist rate. But I am interested in his actual numbers (example: 2.3 kp/90, 0.13 xg/shot, 0.45 xg/90, etc.). What are they compared to similar players? How do these numbers address a need at Man. City? I think you guys are on the right track with the podcast, but would love more numbers.

    2. What to watch for during games: I am always interested in reading about how teams execute the game plan during games and across a season. In particular, I am interested in what to watch for during games. Statsbomb has introduced a lot of new concepts that have changed how I watch the games. First, it was shot dominance particularly with AVB and Spurs. Then came shot location and expected goals and I could watch games to look to see how teams created their shots (example: through-balls vs. wide crosses vs. in-the-box cut-backs). Now there are things like deep completions and speed of attack. I do not work for a soccer team (and likely will not ever, which is probably similar to much of your audience), but still would like to better understand what is going on during the games and why teams do certain things on the pitch. Anything you all can produce that would help a layman watching two or three games a week better understand what is going on would be appreciated. (Also, in addition to Statsbomb, I do read some websites that focus on tactics like Spielverlagerung and Zonal Marking. This websites (Spielverlagerung in particular) have started adding statistics to their tactical analysis. Maybe this could be a direction to go for Statsbomb too, stats + tactics.)

    3. Regularly scheduled posting: One thing that may help your traffic is having a scheduled time to post an article or two. For example, having one article drop on Monday morning and one on Thursday evening every week throughout the season. I know that Statsbomb does not pay its writers and that you all have other time commitments that are not always flexible. But the articles do not always have to be written by the same people or be on the same topic. The point of this would be for your readers to know when to go to Statsbomb for new content, rather than having to guess when new content comes in and being disappointed when checking back and there is nothing new posted. A good example of this is the Hoddle of Coffee post on Cartilage Free Captain every morning. While the content of that post is not comparable at all to the work you all do here, everyone reading CFC knows that it is coming each morning and the post regularly receives several hundred comments each morning. Statsbomb is about fostering a community of people interested in statistical analysis that ranges from occasional readers to people working in soccer everyday. Regularly scheduled posting may help this community know when to come together on Statsbomb.

    Also, I’ll start doing my part for the site and share the articles/podcasts I enjoy. Thank you both for the great and interesting work you are doing.

  • Sean

    Hi Guys. I am one of those that uses the site less since 2014. I enjoy reading your site and trying to understand your stats. Compared to your gang i am complete novice. I used to visit the site regular and was interested in Teds back ground. Having had all but a couple of my betting accounts restricted due to beating the SP on horses, i went to work to try find a way to gain a edge in football betting Vrs the bookmakers using your stats (which i can still not do ). I would take info i understood from this site and try to map it into the football prices, and betting angles looking at how the various football teams played. I enjoyed listening to podcasts and in particular when you made predictions on which teams would finish top 3 and relegated ect and the stats behind it !!!. Obviously horse racing now a days is a joke and bookies wont lay anyone who beats SP, so football is maybe the only way forward as its much easier to get on.

    I think there might be a chance a few hits are people who may have been interested in using stats to predict the outcome of a particular market. Over the last 2 years your stats i feel have become more complex with is great because they need to be to gain a tiny edge, i find them more difficult to understand and visit the site less. Although i do return less frequently and do my best to pick up bits.

    I would like to say i think you guys know your shit that is for certain, admiring what Ted is doing and guys who put work in on this site.

    Predicting match outcomes and your stats as to why would be fun. As you top boys may disagree on certain matches

    Any advice using your stats for the purposes of betting and/or identifying incorrectly priced markets would be most welcome. Football betting is such an immense market it is insane in the Asian markets. Please get involved if you are not already i am certain you would succeed. ” the stats bomb syndicate “

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