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The StatsBomb Premier League Previews 2016-17

By James Yorke | August 12, 2016 | Analytics


The season is upon us!

Thanks to all our contributors here: Thom Lawrence, Peter Owen, Clarke Ruehlen, Flavio Fusi, Benjamin Pugsley and especially Mohammed Mohammed who braved slow internet speeds from the heart of Africa to submit no less than four previews (three PL and a Ligue 1). A great effort all round.

And big thanks to all who shared, retweeted, took the previews to forums or reddit or otherwise just enjoyed and interacted.

This isn't the end of 2016-17 StatsBomb previews, Dustin Ward--notably absent from this series-- has been cooking up a storm for the Bundesliga, so watch this space.

Here in one place, the StatsBomb Premier League Previews 2016-17:

Arsenal by James Yorke

Chelsea by James Yorke and Flavio Fusi

Everton by Thom Lawrence

Leicester by Mohammed Mohammed

Liverpool by Peter Owen

Manchester City by James Yorke and Benjamin Pugsley

Manchester United by James Yorke

Middlesbrough by Clarke Ruehlen

Southampton by Mohammed Mohammed

Tottenham by James Yorke

West Ham by Mohammed Mohammed

Six into four won't go: The top four race by James Yorke

If you don't already, give the contributors a follow on twitter and make sure you return regularly during the season for more smart, premium content.

Thanks for reading.


-James Yorke


Article by James Yorke