James Yorke and Ted Knutson take a look at summer transfer stories with a statistical angle.

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  • Ron IsNotMyRealName

    Go do the voodoo that NKoudou so well!

  • Ron IsNotMyRealName

    Listening to Ted dish on Markovic was funny considering I remember when Markovic came up in Knutson’s young player sort as a notable young player. šŸ™‚

  • NinJa

    You did a good job in your podcast of covering all the teams. But was hoping that you would address two questions in discussing transfers. First, are the team significantly better right now based on their transfers? That is, did the team bring in better players than what they originally had? Second, is your prediction or expectation for the team for this year changed in either a positive or negative way because of the transfers?

    Would like to hear your thoughts on these two questions.

  • NinJa

    For example, you were quite critical of Everton.

    They sold Stones, brought in Williams, Bolasie, Gueye, and Valencia.

    It does seem that they are a better team as a result of these transfers. That is, Williams > Stones, and Gueye > Barry or
    McCarthy. You seem to think Bolasie is over-rated, and perhaps he is no better than Mirallas. But they do seem to have upgraded at two positions.

    • Ron IsNotMyRealName

      I would like ot have seen more analytics-based analysis in general, and less ‘oh this was terrible, this was good’…tell me why, within the framework of the site (analytics-based analysis of football). I can get first-level assessments anywhere.

      • NinJa

        Agree completely!

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