Ted Knutson and James Yorke take a spin around the key numbers in the Premier League and beyond…

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  • Ron IsNotMyRealName

    Man U doesn’t really have as deep a squad as Ted claims. They’ve had 3 straight seasons where they finished no better than 4th. They don’t look any better this year.

    They have a lot of players they bought expensively, but that aren’t that good and don’t really constitute depth because another top 6 team wouldn’t want them. Memphis is not depth. Rooney is not depth. Schneiderlin is not depth. Fellaini is not depth. Darmian, Rojo, Blind — none of them would play for another top 6 team. Herrera might be but he’s looking more like a starter. Even Pogba couldn’t play for some teams because his defensive work is very poor (and was poor at Juventus, this isn’t an adjustment issue; he’s just a shit defensive presence).

    The biggest realization point for me was before they played Watford and I looked at it squad for squad and thought “you know, I think Watford is legitimately better.” And then they went on to prove it. Because I looked at Watford’s 2 strikers and their midfield and thought “Man U can’t hold that back.” And with Holebas and Janmaat, Watford is pretty good at getting people forward in position to be a threat, and Behrami isn’t spectacular but he does work they need done.

    Man U doesn’t have people that do work that needs done, and they’re not good enough to get with that work not getting done.

    And where Liverpool had the toughest start to the season, aside from the City game Man U had an easy one that really should have had them in good shape. Now they’re now after the break they’re at Liverpool, Fenerbahce, at Chelsea, City, Burnley, at Fenerbahce, at Swansea, Arsenal over the next monthish. And then in early Dec they have Spurs 3 days after going to Zorya, wherever the hell that is, and at Palace 3 days after Spurs. So that should be fun.

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