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The StatsBomb Previews 2017-18

By James Yorke | August 9, 2017 | Season Previews

Lots of people have said nice things about our previews, and it is appreciated. Everyone who wrote put in a lot of work to try and entertain, inform and hopefully impress. So here they all are in one place. And usual apologies for teams or leagues we didn't manage to cover.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support for StatsBomb and our writers.

Now let the season begin!

--James Yorke, Managing Editor


Chelsea by Euan Dewar

Tottenham by James Yorke

Manchester City by James Yorke

Liverpool by Will Gürpinar-Morgan

Arsenal by Euan Dewar

Manchester United by Mark Thompson

Everton by Thom Lawrence

Southampton by Mohamed Mohamed

Leicester by Mark Thompson

Swansea by Ryan Tolusso

West Ham by Mohamed Mohamed

Premier League Passing Trends by Dustin Ward

Ligue 1 by Mohamed Mohamed

Eredivisie by Priya Ramesh


Article by James Yorke