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Nate Silver Day 10: Someone's been hitting the gym

By Seth Burn | June 23, 2018 | Main

As a few people have posted on Twitter, the resemblance is striking:

Switzerland got the win, and Nate's bankroll is back to a healthy $1,423,988.

The market is surprisingly down on Belgium vs. Tunisia. I've looked ahead to the Belgium-England match and it's possible both teams will want to lose it, but this is a bit early for group advancement politics.

Nate has some faith in South Korea vs. Mexico, but the big hope is that Sweden can pull off win vs. Germany. If Germany are not improved from their match vs. Mexico, we could see a shocking early exit for one of the pre-tournament favorites.

Bankroll % Team Wager Risked To Win Result
14.08% Belgium -0.5 200498 77114 0
2.86% South Korea -0.5 40791 204770 0
5.03% Sweden -0.5 71560 452259 0
1.71% Germany-Sweden Draw 24387 83161 0


Article by Seth Burn