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Nate Silver Day 4: Germany? Brazil? Bah. The team of the day is Costa Rica!

By Seth Burn | June 17, 2018 | Main

Costa Rica did very good things for Nate in the last world cup. We shall see if they will be able to repeat that performance.

Mexico could pull off a huge result with a win, both for their chances to advance, and for Nate.

Switzerland could win Nate, to borrow a term from Spaceballs, a shitload of money. A mere draw would be nice, but a win would put Nate over $1M.

He's currently at $665,905. Denmark and France both did their jobs, but the lion's share was done by Strákarnir okkar. Well done gents. The only blemish was Nigeria, who had a terrible day vs. Croatia.

Costa Rica -0.5 29006 119796 0
Mexico -0.5 21490 155156 0
Mexico-Germany Draw 6498 24106 0
Switzerland -0.5 47665 452816 0
Switzerland-Brazil Draw 41930 168141 0
Article by Seth Burn