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June 17, 2018

Nate Silver Day 4: Germany? Brazil? Bah. The team of the day is Costa Rica!

By Seth Burn

Costa Rica did very good things for Nate in the last world cup. We shall see if they will be able to repeat that performance.

Mexico could pull off a huge result with a win, both for their chances to advance, and for Nate.

Switzerland could win Nate, to borrow a term from Spaceballs, a shitload of money. A mere draw would be nice, but a win would put Nate over $1M.

He’s currently at $665,905. Denmark and France both did their jobs, but the lion’s share was done by StrĂ¡karnir okkar. Well done gents. The only blemish was Nigeria, who had a terrible day vs. Croatia.

Costa Rica -0.5 29006 119796 0
Mexico -0.5 21490 155156 0
Mexico-Germany Draw 6498 24106 0
Switzerland -0.5 47665 452816 0
Switzerland-Brazil Draw 41930 168141 0
Article by Seth Burn