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Nate Silver Day 8: A contest!

By Seth Burn | June 21, 2018 | Main

On the seventh day Nate wishes he would have rested. Instead, he saw Morocco, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all pick up losses. His bankroll is down to $1,205,447. He'll be looking to see Denmark and Croatia restore said bankroll to its former glory.

In other news, we here at Statsbomb are running a contest! If you can figure out what Argentina are doing with their starting lineup, you'll win out eternal gratitude because we are bloody stumped.

Bankroll % Team Wager Risked To Win Result
11.80% Denmark -0.5 142221 155020 0
0.96% France-Peru Draw 11591 36163 0
1.49% Peru -0.5 17913 95833 0
10.40% Croatia 0.5 125366 101102 0

Please tweet your answers at us if you have any clue as to what Argentina are thinking.

Article by Seth Burn