Bayern Munich vs FC Koln Player Positional Tracker

By Colin Trainor | February 27, 2015

Bayern Munich vs FC Koln Player Positional Tracker

Bayern Munich had a fairly comfortable 4-1 win at home to FC Koln this evening.

As picked up by Rene Maric in his as usual, excellent, tactical analysis of the game Bayern Munich decided to totally overload the left side of the pitch.  Rene's analysis can be found here.

I produced a Player Positional Tracker (PPT) for this game and I think it neatly shows how Bayern approached this game, and it compliments Rene's article.

For anyone that isn't aware, our PPT is produced using Opta "on the ball" events.



(click on the image to open the PPT in a larger window)

We immediately see how Bayern tilted their offensive moves towards the left side of the pitch and how narrow they were on the right side.

Koln's right side of the defense were faced with Ribery, Gotze and Alaba all attacking them.

For the first 30 minutes, Bayern's right sided attacking players, Robben and Muller's dots on the PPT were very small; this indicates a lack of passes or shots (i.e. attacking involvement).