Data Revolution in Women’s Football

By StatsBomb | May 23, 2019

Data Revolution in Women’s Football

It's been nearly a year since StatsBomb announced free data for women’s football. During this time analysts, bloggers and fans have been brushing off their coding skills and navigating github to produce analysis, data visualisations and gifs all entirely focussed on women’s football. This has been really enjoyable to watch for two reasons:

  • By removing barriers to accessing quality data we are enabling a promising data analytics talent pool to develop.
  • We are making inroads to address the gender imbalance in the football industry.

However, the purpose of data analytics is not only to view the game through a different lens from a spectator capacity, but for information and insight to filter through to teams. By engaging coaches in a data-led process, information can ultimately filter down to the players themselves and help drive improvements on the pitch.

At StatsBomb, we spend a lot of time talking to teams at all levels, from the elite, through lower tiers, academies and even local grassroots teams. In 2019, teams are actively looking to incorporate data - yet about 95% of our inbound traffic is from the men’s game. We have forged relationships with women’s teams, but we want to do more to address the key barriers of incorporating quality data & analytics - cost and expertise.

So, for the 2019/20 season, all FAWSL teams can have completely free access to our industry leading analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ. The platform is designed to be intuitive, easy to navigate and enables real practical insight. Whether comparing overall team performance on key metrics, evaluating players or reviewing matches, StatsBomb IQ enables a complete, one-stop solution for a whole organisation.

StatsBomb IQ is built upon our already freely available, unique event data, and has over 200 insight metrics providing the information teams need. From straightforward metrics through to those built via deep learning algorithms, StatsBomb IQ provides guidance and understanding to all aspects of football, from passing to ball progression, shot quality to set pieces and much, much more.

In addition to providing free access to our analytics platform, we are also giving FAWSL teams the opportunity for free access to our Introduction to Football Analytics course in London on 10th June where we will be providing training to the fundamentals of using data in football analysis.

We are hoping that by making our platform available throughout the 2019/20 season and giving free training from our highly experienced analysts, all FAWSL teams can enhance their pre and post match analysis workflow. There is no reason why women’s football should miss out on the data revolution that is happening in the men’s game, and StatsBomb are delighted to be in a position to set the stage for this.

For more information, please contact sales@statsbomb.com