Learn More About The StatsBomb IQ API

By StatsBomb | July 28, 2021

Learn More About The StatsBomb IQ API

StatsBomb data supports the internal processes and workflows at clubs and organisations around the world.

One of the major benefits of using our data is the ease at which it can fit into existing systems and infrastructures within data and analysis departments.

Our two main products are the raw event data and our advanced analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ. The event data allows for research, analysis, and modelling on a large-scale basis, whilst IQ packages the data into a quickly digestible and visual format. One of the most valuable features of the product is the IQ API.

The IQ API makes it easier to work with StatsBomb metrics in an automated fashion. All the data that can be viewed in IQ - either in the Team/Player stats tables or in IQ Scout - can be pulled directly into the user's software without the need to download a CSV and import it first. Crucially, it saves analysts time and forms a part of an efficient workflow - everything that IQ was designed to be.

Not only does this make the process much faster and automated, but it also allows the user to customise and filter the metrics as much as desired, without having to do it from within StatsBomb IQ. You can even create new metrics of your own by working with the ones we offer, should you want to.

There are a total of three APIs as part of the overall IQ API:

Player Match - provides stats for all players in a given match. This match-by-match data makes it easy to perform post-match analysis with the most detailed and contextual event data available. We know some customers prefer to create their own bespoke match reports rather than use the ones provided in IQ: this API allows them to do that

Player Season - services per 90 aggregated data for all players in a league season. These are the same stats that are available in our league-player, squad, and IQ Scout pages

Team Season - supplies aggregated per game data for all teams in a league season. Containing the same metrics as those found in the Team Stats page in IQ, plus some new ones, these metrics allow the analysis of a team's performance in their relevant competition

StatsBomb Director of Football James Yorke said: "The IQ API is a quality-of-life addition that makes our customer’s lives significantly easier, and allows for the interaction between the end-user and the IQ platform to be automated. This means the customer's analysis and reports can be updated at the click of a button, pulling StatsBomb data directly into their software and platforms to allow quick and easy analysis of their team or players performance."

Users can access the API through the StatsBomb Data Hub, where documentation detailing the names and definitions of the metrics provided can also be found.

If you're a football club or organisation and would like to speak with us about how StatsBomb data and services can enhance your operation, get in touch today.

The StatsBomb Team