Nate Silver Day 21: I Can Has Win?

By Seth Burns | July 13, 2018

Nate Silver Day 21: I Can Has Win?

Careful Nate watchers may have caught that day 21 was missing. 

It's been a rough stretch for Nate Silver. His bankroll is down to $782,228.

Sweden can turn things around if they can send the three lions home. It won't be easy as England has been strangely competent this world cup.

Russia's only loss was a meaningless game against Uruguay. They were able to hold the fort against Spain (with some help from the refs). Croatia is an easier test, but they've looked quite good so far.

Brazil are out after their strikers let them down:

"xG map for #BRA-#BEL

As Mel Brooks said, tragedy is when I cut my little finger, comedy is when you fall in an open sewer and die. pic.twitter.com/tqz6pjM3Do"

— Caley Graphics (@Caley_graphics) July 6, 2018

France choked the life out of Uruguay. The France-Belgium matchup is fascinating to me as there will be a massive stylistic difference. We'll see which prevails.


Bankroll % Team Wager Risked To Win Result
8.87% Sweden Advance 69398 146429 0
2.03% Russia Advance 15882 26205 0