StatsBomb Courses: What to Expect

By StatsBomb | November 3, 2020

StatsBomb Courses: What to Expect

The StatsBomb Hub is dedicated to improving understanding of football data and analytics. We have lots of educational articles on our website, but we also offer in-depth courses crafted by industry leaders with extensive experience within the game. 

We initially delivered our courses in person, but we now offer the same expertly designed courses online, enabling students to learn at home and at their own pace.

The courses are packed full of practical examples and use our award-winning analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ, to visualise the concepts contained therein.

Most of us are working and learning from home now, so if you have extra time on your hands, why not give one of our courses a try?

Introduction to Analytics for Football Professionals

Our first course is Introduction to Analytics for Football Professionals, led by our Director of Football James Yorke and CEO Ted Knutson. It provides a solid foundation in football analytics at an introductory level.

A version of this course is also available in Castellano/Spanish, led by Pablo P.Rodríguez, Head of Tactical Innovation at StatsBomb: https://cursos.statsbomb.com/courses/introduccion.

What are people saying about it?

“I probably can’t overstate how much I learned from this course. Not only from the amount of detailed material covered but, perhaps more importantly, how it got me thinking more about the possible usage and ways of using analytical football data."

“A good place to start if you're new to football analytics, but also useful if you're already familiar with some of the concepts. Definitely worth the money.”

“This course increased my appetite to learn more about data analytics in football and is a great way to get started!”

What does it cover?

  • Expected Goals (xG)
  • Types of Attack
  • Set Pieces
  • Defensive Choices
  • Team/Opposition Analysis

Who is it for?

The introduction course is designed to be accessible to everyone and teaches you the basics of data analytics in football. You don’t need to work in professional football or have advanced statistical knowledge. A basic understanding of football and statistics is useful.

Modern Scouting and Data-Driven Recruitment

Our latest course is Modern Scouting and Data-Driven Recruitment, led by our Director of Football James Yorke. It discusses how integrating data and traditional scouting can help a team make better recruitment decisions.

What are people saying about it?

“Every football team that is starting to use data or is not sure if they use it correctly should take the time to gather all the scouts, analysts and coaches, sit together, watch the course, discuss it and plan their approach to using data. Lots of great knowledge share, interesting stories. James is a really good teacher and it’s easy to follow his thoughts.”

“Money well spent! I'm really glad, I took on this course and had the opportunity to improve my personal insights on how data can help with scouting and player recruitment.”

What does it cover?

  • Team Analysis
  • Squad Building
  • Player Analysis - Strikers
  • Players Analysis - Centre Backs
  • Scouting Integration and Bias
  • Scouting Workflow
  • Advanced Data Integration
  • Player Evaluation
  • A bonus lesson from CEO Ted Knutson

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anybody who is interested in modern recruitment techniques. It covers all aspects of the process with a focus on data and scouting.

Both of these online courses can be found on The Hub. Look out for more in 2022.

If you work for a professional club, company or university, please contact us about the opportunity to purchase bulk course access or payment via invoice.