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Innovation in Football Conference 2019

StatsBomb's inaugural conference was held at Stamford Bridge on 11th October 2019. With two full tracks, our keynote speakers shared coveted insight from the world's top football clubs and our research competition showcased new innovative data driven research. With the live feed closed at 22,000 viewers, we are absolutely delighted with the entire event. If you missed it, you can watch the videos and highlights below, and we hope you can make it next year.



Research Competition Winners

Live StatsBomb Podcast

Original host Benjamin Pugsley will be back at the mic with Ted and James for a very special live recording of your favourite data driven podcast.

Be prepared for detailed insights, wit and a touch of reminiscing. Are you ready to see the faces behind the soundwaves?


The episode will feature the voices of StatsBomb's own:

Ted Knutson
James Yorke
Head of Analysis
Benjamin Pugsley
Podcast co-creator

Listen to the most recent episode here

Download on Soundcloud, also available on iTunes and Spotify