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About us

Covering over 40 leagues worldwide and armed with the most accurate and granular data on the market, StatsBomb provide teams with the tools necessary to compete and win on the field and the transfer market. Our industry leading analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ,  not only provides analysts with insight across teams, players and leagues, but also helps media entities increase customer engagement and retention through bespoke data visualizations.

StatsBomb are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with headquarters in Bath, UK and offices in Boston and Cairo. We are leaders in the football analytics field and genuinely love what we do.

Ted Knutson
Charlotte Randall
Thom Lawrence
Shergul Arshad
Nathaniel James
Senior Software Engineer
James Yorke
Head of Analysis
Euan Dewar
Senior Analyst
Pablo Peña Rodríguez
Head of Tactical Innovation and Business Development
Chris Watkins
Senior Systems Engineer
Stephen Young
Senior Systems Engineer
Kat Agg
Lead Creative/Designer
arqam logo

StatsBomb have recently acquired ArqamFC, our highly experienced data collection team based in Cairo. Arqam bring technology, dedication and are committed to a shared vision with StatsBomb for the best Football data.

The Arqam team is 100 strong including software engineers, data collectors, quality control engineers and digital media and content providers - led by the fantastic leadership team:

Head of Data Product
Head of Data Operations
Head of Digital Content
Ali Shash
Product Manager