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StatsBomb IQ

The advanced data analytics platform

Empowering professional football analysts everywhere

  • Created by analysts, for analysts. The essential tool for football, media and gambling professionals
  • Efficiently analyse performance in more detail than is possible within any other football analytics tool
  • Save significant analysis time by using StatsBomb IQ to surface unique performance insights within seconds
  • Output your analysis to quickly communicate your conclusions with colleagues at every level of your organisation
  • Quick tools for team, opposition and scouting analysis
  • Customise visualisations, searches and data to tailor the platform to your unique workflow
  • Only StatsBomb IQ gives you access to StatsBomb data, giving you more detail, from more competitions, than any other platform

We have designed StatsBomb IQ to be fully customisable to fit your unique workflow

Personalise Metrics
Personalise Metrics
Customise metrics included in data visualisations including the iconic StatsBomb radars and instantly share your templates with your colleagues
Save Templates
Save Templates
Utilise saved templates across features including detailed comparison tables, player searches and more. Save multiple custom templates to quickly accomplish repetitive analytical tasks
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Narrow Your Search
Flexible visualisations and reports with advanced data filters including event types, times within a match, date range, home/away across players, teams, seasons and leagues


StatsBomb is the only data provider that captures pressure. Visualise in StatsBomb IQ via maps, pressured actions and heatmaps

IQ Scout

IQ Scout enables teams to quickly navigate a world of football. Select which of over 80+ leagues you wish to scout from, create filters from our comprehensive list of metrics to suit the role or position you require, and build shortlists of players who fit the profile you're looking for

Tactics Desktop

IQ Tactics

IQ Tactics is one of the most comprehensive features within the platform. Users can fully customise outputs to fit their needs. Choose to analyse teams, individual players, or specific match events and sequences. Filter events by pitch location and the time of match they occur. Outputs are quick and visual for easy interpretation

Compare teams and analyse tens of thousands of players across the world

  • Analysts and scouts can use comparison tools to fully evaluate opponents and players, enabling informed decision making
  • StatsBomb’s reliable, accurate and comprehensive data enables objective comparative analysis of player performance across 80+ competitions
Double Laptop Opposition Analysis

How do teams press?
How do they score?
How do they react to pressure?

Run extensive opposition analysis, interrogating advanced metrics to gain a winning edge. Evaluate set-piece design, positioning, passing networks, pressure and more.
Uncover the detail you might have missed from match videos and other data sets

Double Laptop Similar Players

Need to replace a player?
Want to unearth a hidden-gem?
Need tactical inspiration to beat an opponent?

Compare Similar Players and Teams quickly, across 80+ competitions. IQ’s similarity algorithms enable analysts and scouts to create shortlists based upon key pre-identified StatsBomb metrics. Fully customisable, select the statistical filters that matter to you

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