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Computer Vision Engineer

Job Title: Computer Vision Engineer

Location: Remote (in UK, US or Egypt/Cairo)

About Us

Statsbomb is a football analytics startup (both the soccer and American varieties!) We sell data products as well as analysis tools to sports organisations, with a tech stack that includes computer vision, machine learning, stream processing, and web-based dataviz. We count many of the biggest names in football as customers, and your work will have a direct impact on our ability to deliver insights to those customers, driving success on the field.

About the Role

Statsbomb is looking for two engineers to build the initial computer vision systems and process for our American football product. This includes detection, tracking, and identification of players and events on the field.

Preferred Experience

  • Worked on computer vision, NLP, or other neural net based projects in industry or academia. Traditional (non neural net based) CV work is okay as well.
  • Experience working with either static images or video.
  • Experience with training custom deep learning models, pre-trained CV models like OpenPose/YOLO, or more traditional frameworks like OpenCV or SciKit-Image.
  • Experience with data engineering, writing unit tests, and generally maintaining good code and data quality are a huge bonus.

Preferred Skills

  • Must be strong in computer vision and machine learning and ideally have good software engineering skills or a strong desire to learn and improve in that area.
  • Python/pytorch preferred, familiarity with other frameworks and languages welcome.
  • Ideally would like sports and in particular, American football / NFL.


  • Understand problems and opportunities arising from broadcast sports video.
  • Work on both prototypes and production-level computer vision systems.
  • Keep abreast of computer vision research, especially in sports.
  • Define research directions leading to new Statsbomb products.

How to Apply:

Please send an email to with the subject “Computer Vision Engineer” and include CV/resume and a cover letter (email body) answering the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this role?
  2. How do your skills fit our requirements?
  3. What available work do you have that helps prove your skill set?

Please note: All candidates will need to already have valid work permit/visa/permission to work status


The Application Process:

  1. An initial phone screen with standard software engineering coding test
  2. A take home coding project
  3. A follow-up call to walk through your response
  4. Offer or constructive feedback
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