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Junior Front-End Engineer

Job Title: Junior Front-End Engineer

Location: Remote (only UK, Germany, or Spain-based, must have valid work permit), or Cairo, Egypt

Your Background:

  • You're either a self-taught programmer, or have a couple of years of commercial web development experience, or have graduated from a tech-relevant degree.
  • You can point to at least one application live on the web that you've worked on, or a portfolio of open-source code.

Your Skills:

  • JavaScript (or TypeScript, ClojureScript etc)
  • Node.js (or similar server-side framework)
  • React (or similar client-side framework)
  • HTML/CSS knowledge, SVG a plus
  • GraphQL experience a plus
  • SQL knowledge a plus

Your Responsibilities:

  • Pair programming with senior developers to learn our codebases and grow your skills
  • Contributing to web UIs and back end APIs for internal tools and customer facing apps
  • Helping test (both manually and automatically) your and other engineers' work
  • Training up to eventually be able to deliver full-stack apps from requirements to launch

Salary: Competitive, depending on experience.

Why Should You Work at StatsBomb?

To Apply: Please send an email to with the subject “Junior Front-End Engineer” and include a cover letter (email body), CV, and answers to the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in this role?
  • How do your skills fit our requirements?
  • What available work do you have that helps prove your skill set?
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