Lincoln City FC Partnership Strengthens StatsBomb’s Presence in League One

By StatsBomb | March 2, 2023 | 1 min read

Lincoln City FC Partnership Strengthens StatsBomb’s Presence in League One

StatsBomb has signed an agreement to provide its industry-leading performance data and analytical services to Lincoln City FC.

The League One team will benefit from the most detailed and reliable data available, with over 3,400 events recorded per match across over 100 competitions around the world. StatsBomb Data includes unique metrics such as pressure data, pass footedness, and defender and goalkeeper locations for every shot (via freeze frames) that contribute to the StatsBomb expected goals (xG) model.

Additionally, the agreement sees Lincoln City gain access to the state-of-the art analytics and scouting platform StatsBomb IQ.

The StatsBomb IQ platform makes analysis more efficient with intuitive, accessible and immediate visualisations of StatsBomb’s world-class data. StatsBomb IQ can be used to aid prospect scouting, produce comprehensive shot maps, run extensive opposition analysis, and much more.

Fin Davies, Sales Associate, StatsBomb, said:

“We are excited to be working with Lincoln City FC as the EFL League One continues to grow. The partnership will strengthen the club’s recruitment and performance analysis departments with access to StatsBomb IQ and StatsBomb Data.”

Jez George, Director of Football, Lincoln City, added:

“In an increasingly competitive market, we believe that data and our ability to manipulate that data to fit our recruitment model, is crucial in trying to find an edge against our competitors. 

This level of data will also help us to review our performances and assess our future opponents in a much more comprehensive way, as well as evaluating performance trends across League One. We are delighted to be working with StatsBomb, the industry leader in providing this performance data and analytics.”  

By StatsBomb | March 2, 2023