StatsBomb Conference 2021: Research Papers

By StatsBomb | November 16, 2021

StatsBomb Conference 2021: Research Papers

It was a privilege to host such a high standard of presenters at the StatsBomb Conference 2021 in October.

On the Research Track stage, the winners of the research paper competition demonstrated their analysis in a clear and insightful way, showing a great level of innovation and some compelling findings from the original research they conducted on StatsBomb 360 Data. We're delighted to be able to share with you the white papers from those talks, as well as remind you where you can watch the talks again. More than a dozen videos from the event are available to watch on our YouTube channel now, with a specific StatsBomb Conference 2021 playlist already set up for you to dive into. The research papers can be accessed by clicking the links below, which will take you to the respective pdf document.

Maaike van Roy, et al - Optimally Disrupting Opponent Build-ups


Hadi Sotudeh - Potential Penetrative Pass (P3)

Juan Camilo Campos - Determining the phases of play using Graph Neural Network Embeddings


Javier M. Buldú and Borja Burriel - The quest for the right pass: Quantifying player’s decision making

Javier M Buldu

Soumyajit Bose and Manas Saraswat - Anatomy of Receiving and Turning with the Ball

Samer Fatayri, Kirill Serykh and Egor Gumin - What Drives the Goalkeepers' Decisions?