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Many clubs are interested in incorporating statistics into their workflow, but few have the personnel who know where to start. StatsBomb Services is designed to overcome that issue by giving you high level strategic insight without all the hassle. We organise and parse all the data, deliver cutting edge visualisations + analysis, and educate club personnel on how to interpret all of this to give your team a competitive edge.

Using methodology proven inside of football clubs, we provide powerful tools for recruitment and team analysis that are easy enough for any performance analyst to use, while delivering insight all the way up to the boardroom.

We also deliver bespoke consulting services tailored to your club's specific needs.

Full Player Evaluation

We offer comprehensive player evaluation on an ad hoc basis. This service includes:

  • Analysis of each player's past performance
  • Detailed background reports and personality information
  • Traditional scouting reports
  • Profiles of player strengths and weaknesses, plus translation of those to your league
  • A full player evaluation report, including objective transfer values and wage packages for each and every player we review

Recruitment of players is an incredibly complex activity, and the majority of club revenue every year is spent on transfer fees and player wages. If top transfers go wrong, it will hurt club performance for years to come.

Meanwhile, the recruitment process at many clubs hasn’t advanced at the same pace as transfer fees. Traditional scouting alone leaves huge holes in projecting future player output, and most clubs don’t have qualified personnel to do statistical analysis of potential recruits. We do.

In addition to those services, we also provide detailed background checks for what players are like on and off the pitch, and we give objective monetary valuations to any player we review, so clients can know approximately how much they can pay for a player and still get value.

In short, we offer an objective, expert package of evaluation for any player that delivers information and peace of mind to our clients. Average player cost in most second leagues in Europe is over
1M Euros – doesn’t it make sense to spend a little extra to be certain you aren’t making a very expensive mistake?

Manager and Coach Search Consulting

The average manager tenure is around 15 months and firing managers who are not working out (and their backroom staffs) is incredibly expensive.

We offer full profiling of potential candidates in any head coach/manager search. This includes objective profiling for style of play, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, and obtaining background checks about what candidates are like in the dressing room and off the pitch. We also look beyond simple performance in the table, and use advanced team metrics instead, to better estimate future performance and value for money.

Manager hires are probably the most difficult hires you will make at a football club, and they have the biggest impact of any single employee on results. However, these hires are often fraught with poor processes and bad information. Our work helps to cut through the noise to give top club officials and owners more information to base their decisions on, and perspectives that are not available anywhere else.


Unique Set Piece Program

Set pieces alone are responsible for 25-30% of goals scored in the course of a league season, but few coaches have the knowledge in this phase of the game to help their team excel. Set piece expertise is a unique subset of football coaching knowledge, and as a result, most coaches have little knowledge or interest in improving this area of team performance. With our unique program, we can literally help your club score extra goals on the pitch.


Working directly with coaches, we have created a unique, comprehensive set piece program that can help teams score up to .75 goals a game (3 goals in every 4 games) via set pieces alone. This program was developed and perfected at FC Midtjylland, and was partly responsible for helping them win the first league title in club history.

Not only do we tell you what the better ways to do these are, we also explain why these methods are more effective, and deliver how to train them so you can score more goals in matches.

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