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StatsBomb IQ

State-of-the-art football analytics


Data analysis is quick and easy - enabling fast, informed decisions.

Use IQ to find out where players take shots, how teams are taking corners, which shots are most likely to result in a goal and with new StatsBomb Data you can find out exactly how players react under pressure and what the Goal Keeper was doing during every shot.

morata stats

Customise data visualisations with your own time frame

Our easy to use filters mean you can look at any player or team over a whole season, a defined time period or an individual game

arsenal stats

All our data visualisations are fully downloadable

Customise the analytics to show data you care about then download to show to coaches, analysts and players

compare football stats

Fast and easy to compare players against each other

Speed is critical when you are trawling through potential recruits - with IQ you can drag and drop radars on top of each other to quickly and easily compare vital stats

statsbomb dashboard

View build up play and build passing chains

Our new Engine Room allows you to view and build passing networks between players. Drag the ball around the pitch and highlight the players you are interested in to identify how and where they pass.

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