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Data is just the start

Of course we collect data. Better data than anyone else, in fact. It's collected to a more detailed spec and with more care, consideration and accuracy than anyone else. It has been crafted by analysts for analysts and has transformed the understanding of sport.

But that is just the start of how StatsBomb adds value. We also bring our data to life in the most accessible and engaging way with the authoritative analytical tools we've built for our customers. We call these tools IQ and they are available for both soccer and football.

Together, our data and IQ platforms allow soccer and football teams to get an edge on the competition in terms of player recruitment and scouting, performance analysis and opposition evaluation. We help our customers leave nothing to chance - we are the data champions

Deep data for player recruitment and performance analysis

Trusted by over 100 elite teams globally to be their data provider of choice

Soccer's leading data visualisation platforms

For match analysis, player scouting and opposition research, StatsBomb has two powerful and flexible tools - IQ and IQ Live

A new data set for American football analysis

We have recently launched a ground-breaking new data set for American football, supported by a dedicated StatsBomb IQ platform

Consultancy and bespoke support

Our expert team is also available for more in-depth projects on a bespoke basis

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