StatsBomb Enter Australian Market By Reaching Agreement With Melbourne Victory

By StatsBomb | September 30, 2021

StatsBomb Enter Australian Market By Reaching Agreement With Melbourne Victory

One of Australia’s most decorated clubs, Melbourne Victory, have signed a deal with StatsBomb to advance their analytics operations, becoming the first club in Australia and Oceania to do so.

This is the first entry into the Australian market for StatsBomb, and another signpost of the fast global growth they’re currently experiencing.

Four-time A-League champions Melbourne Victory have signed up to use StatsBomb’s event data – containing over 3,400 events per game on average – and their IQ analytics software, the most advanced and customisable platform in the industry, to utilise in all sectors of the club, including in their performance, opposition, and recruitment analysis operations.

The Australian club will have access to StatsBomb’s deep data, which includes unique metrics such as pressures at a team and player level, pass footedness, pass height and freeze frames for shots, providing detailed defender and goalkeeper location information on every shot.

Melbourne Victory’s Director of Football, John Didulica, said:

"Melbourne Victory are excited to be partnering with StatsBomb.  The football data analytics provider is industry leading and will assist our club in staying at the forefront in the fast-paced world of Football Analytics."

StatsBomb Sales Executive Flavio Fusi said:

"We are proud that our first partner in Australia and Oceania is one with a rich history of success in the region. The analytics team at Melbourne Victory have shown they understand the importance of data and analytics in elite competition, and we're encouraged by their ambition to integrate the use of data in all sectors of the club."

About StatsBomb

StatsBomb is the world’s fastest growing sports data company. Founded by former analyst Ted Knutson, StatsBomb was formed to empower data analysis teams by ensuring they have access to the best football data set ever created. Having started as an analytics blog, StatsBomb initially progressed to consulting on data-driven recruitment and performance analysis for professional teams.

In 2018, having become frustrated with limitations of the data available at the time, StatsBomb acquired ArqamFC, a data collection company based in Cairo, Egypt, and started to collect and supply its own data. The introduction of StatsBomb data was a turning point for the analysis of football as it introduced previously unavailable metrics such as pressures, the height of the ball at the point of shot impact, goalkeeper positioning, freeze frames for shots and the foot with which each pass is played.

In 2021, StatsBomb improved this data even further with the launch of StatsBomb 360, adding a snapshot of all visible player locations to more than 3,400 on-the-ball events that are collected per match.

Having gained rapid traction since its inception, StatsBomb is now servicing customers across the professional game, as well as betting and gaming operators, and is active in over 20 countries.