StatsBomb Assist is a self-service support tool available exclusively to our customers and users to help them get the most value from our data, products and services.

Seamless support when you need it

Written by our experts, StatsBomb Assist makes it easier to find quick answers to the most common questions about our products.

It's designed to complement - not replace - our world-class Customer Success and Support teams and give you more control and flexibility to answer questions on your own terms.


How it helps

The basics

Key information about our data quality, data delivery, service level agreements and creating new accounts. Though our Customer Success team will onboard you and your team, these are handy reminders whenever you need them.

Understanding our data

Distinguish your 'Deep Completions' from your 'Deep Progressions'. Assist contains a full suite of data specifications, glossaries, details of our data science models, video explainers, whitepapers and more. Meaning the answer you are looking for is never far away.


Detailed instructions and video tutorials that help you extract the most value from our services. Whether you are trying to access our data APIs for the first time, want to learn how to build shortlists in IQ Soccer or need to share a dashboard you've created on IQ Live, our tutorials will help.

Code library

Covering StatsBomb Py and R coding languages, this archive of code will help you create custom visualisations using our Data. Growing all the time, you'll find code that helps you create heatmaps, extract metrics from our 360 data, identify the best carriers in your league using On-Ball Value and more.

Updates and release notes

At StatsBomb, we're constantly delivering updates, new features, data science models and improvements to our data and tools. Though we will share these with you directly you'll be able to find a history of any update that may have gotten buried in your inbox.


Details of how our data can be integrated into third-party platforms like Azzuu, Catapult Matchtracker, with more to come.

Integrated with StatsBomb IQ

We know that it can be annoying to have to navigate away from what you're doing to get help, that's why Assist has been integrated into our data, tools and services.

It only takes a click

Accessing Assist's wealth of support materials within IQ Soccer, IQ Live Soccer or our Data Hub is easy.

Simply use links within the help section or the forthcoming web widget to access a range of support materials related to the product feature you're using.

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