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Our unique event data collection spec records over 3,400 events per match, informing the work of analysts and coaches, supporting recruitment and increasing engagement with supporters

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No one offers clubs, media and gambling organisations more granular data and insight than StatsBomb

Jan Van Haaren

Football Data Scientist, Club Brugge

StatsBomb Data has enabled us to design advanced metrics and tailor them to our club's philosophy for opposition analysis and player recruitment

Barend Verkerk

Head of Data Science

The detailed performance data and the analytics platform StatsBomb IQ are integral to our strategy, giving us a deeper understanding of our players and opponents alike

Carlos Hernandez Pintado

Head of Football Performance Analysis and Insights

Supporting all of our analysis with StatsBomb’s Data makes our work more complete

Powering the most accurate xG in the industry

StatsBomb's Expected Goals (xG) model uses more contextual events and better quality data than any other provider to accurately measure the quality of chances

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Goalkeeper location

Our freeze-frame functionality records the location and stance of the goalkeeper on every shot, materially improving the accuracy of our model

Defender location

The location of all visible defenders and attackers on every shot is also accurately recorded in each freeze-frame

Shot impact height

We record the impact height of every shot, adding further detail and nuance to our model

Post shot xG

Calculated after the shot, taking account of shot placement. Most useful in assessing goalkeeper performance

A unique data spec


We are the only data provider that collects accurate pressure at an event level, allowing analysis of how players and teams press as well as how they perform under pressure

On-Ball Value (OBV)

Created by our world-class data science department, OBV determines the value of every action that takes place on the football pitch - that can only be accessed via StatsBomb

Pass footedness and pass height

Going beyond the start and end location, knowing which foot and what height the pass is played at adds important context and creates a clearer picture of the game being played

Data science and modelling

The cutting-edge work of data scientists is at your fingertips. They have already delivered models including OBV, Passing, Headers and Goalkeeping in our data and more is coming soon

Flexible delivery

Our data is available in JSON, XML and CSV file formats, making for an easy switch from your current provider

Seamless support

Written by our experts, StatsBomb Assist is our self-service support platform that includes detailed explainers of how our data is collected, how to connect to our API and a code library covering Python and R coding languages

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Why choose StatsBomb?


League coverage

In 2024, StatsBomb will cover over 140 global leagues. We collect data for every game in every league at the same level of granularity, enabling powerful predictive modelling for all leagues

Computer vision

StatsBomb uses proprietary camera calibration and pitch detection computer vision to speed up data collection and pairs this with human input to provide an additional validation layer

Human QA

We have a thorough, detailed and timely quality assurance process, ensuring you get the best, most accurate data at your fingertips

Unparalleled support

We have a dedicated Customer Success team committed to ensuring that all of our customers get the most from our data

StatsBomb Assist

Our self-service support tool is designed to augment - not replace - our world-class Customer Success and Support teams by making it easier to find quick answers to common questions

Live soccer data

2,400 unique data points created specifically for in-game use provide the highest quality insights you need during the match across more than ten competitions

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A live version of our market-leading xG model

StatsBomb's Live xG uses more contextual information to significantly outperform other models on the market

Live Shot Freeze Frames

Coordinates of every player in the frame for each shot give an authentic view of the quality of chances created by each team

Completing your workflows

Closely aligned with our post-game data spec, Live Data completes your pre-match, match-day and post-match workflows and is complemented by our IQ Live Soccer platform

Supported by API

For easy integration with the platforms and tools that you use

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