High quality real-time data and visualisations

IQ Live, our all-new, fully customisable platform, is designed from the ground up with live analysis and content creation in mind

Accurate insights in seconds

The fastest and easiest way to visualise the best live data in the industry

Accurate Expected Goals (xG)

StatsBomb’s new Live xG gives an authentic view of the quality of chances created by each team in real-time

High quality data

Our Live Data auto-updates every second and is better in terms of speed, quality and accuracy


Our Live Data metrics and IQ Live interface are aligned with our post-game Soccer Data and Soccer IQ

Simple set-up

Our pre-built dashboards and widgets quickly group metrics and stats from all phases of the game

Effortless visualisations

Visualise any phase of the game in real-time and export to share with ease

Customise and share

Add player and team tables and event location widgets, then save and share with your colleagues

Spot the unexpected

Use team averages to quickly spot over or underperformance from either team

Compare players

Highlight a positional match-up, key player, partnership or the performance of a competitor

Complementing your workflows

Pre-match preparation

Prior to game day, IQ Soccer is the perfect research tool. Able to help you quickly reveal attacking and defensive style, set-pieces, key players and much more, it's the best way to prepare for your next match

Match day insights

Get ready for kick-off with IQ Live’s customisable dashboards. Use our table widgets to reveal per-team averages to spot anything out of the ordinary, then visualise and export any player or team events in seconds

Post-match reporting

Once the final whistle has gone, IQ Live can quickly bring your instant post-match debrief to life and save you time before you complete your full post-match analysis on IQ Soccer

A live version of our market-leading xG

Both our Live xG and Post-Match xG use more contextual information to significantly outperform other models on the market

Contact us for a demo What is xG?

Competitor - 0.48xG

Poor quality expected goals models are misleading and quickly erode confidence

StatsBomb Live - 0.87xG

Captures additional context, including the position of the goalkeeper, the defenders and shot height to reveal a truer picture

StatsBomb post-match - 0.86xG

Our post-match xG model includes more contextual information - such as pressures to refine the output

3D Freeze Frames

Relive any shot from the perspective of the shooter or the goalkeeper In three dimensions


Match Dashboard

Add Player and Team Tables and Event Location Widgets, then save and share across your team. Responsive and optimised for touch devices like tablets

Match Timeline

See every shot taken instantly. Use the timeline’s range selectors to select any part of the match, see substitutions and cards as the dashboard automatically updates every second

Race Chart

Allows you to monitor the flow of the match and measure the quality of the chances both created and conceded

Shot Map

Show the locations and quality of shots from any area, players or either team

Flexible Tables

Whether you use one of our templates or want to build your own, our tables quickly group metrics and stats from all phases of the game

Event Location Widgets

Highlight the events or metrics that matter and export impactful images at half-time, during the match or whenever needed

Seamless support

Integrated directly into IQ Live Soccer, StatsBomb Assist is our self-service support platform filled with video-based tutorials, answers to the most commonly asked questions and the latest product release notes

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