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StatsBomb are the champions of decision-driving sports data, bringing unequalled levels of accuracy, advice and support to the world’s leading sporting organisations.

Having formed as an analytical blog about soccer, we have grown by supporting elite teams worldwide with their player recruitment, performance analysis and opposition scouting needs. Over 100 teams globally now rely on StatsBomb data and IQ platform to give them immediately actionable insights.

Our data is also a critical part of the sports betting industry workflows, ensuring that trading teams of all sizes don't leave any edge on the table.

We also support media output across broadcasting, digital and social media platforms across the world

Sports teams

Data, analytics and consultancy for elite teams globally

Media and content creators

Richer data makes for better stories, helping to keep viewers and listeners engaged

Sports betting

Deep data and cutting-edge analytics for trading teams

Governing bodies

Full data services for progressive rights holders

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