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Soccer teams

Over 300 teams globally use StatsBomb as their primary source of data for player recruitment, performance analysis and opposition scouting

American football teams

A brand new data set for NCAA football, with all new metrics and supported by a cutting-edge data visualisation platform, IQ

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The best data

With twice as many data points as the competition, StatsBomb data has been created with the unique needs of teams in mind. Metrics such as pressures, shot impact height and pass footedness enable levels of analysis that are not possible with any other data set

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StatsBomb IQ

A flexible and customisable suite of data visualisation platforms, designed to help analysts extract maximum insight in the quickest possible time

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Passionate customer support

Our customer service starts with a thorough onboarding and extends to a lifetime of responsive and passionate support

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Data Science and AI expertise

StatsBomb customers gain access to the cutting edge work of our talented data science team. New models are constantly being worked on and added to our IQ platform and data API for the benefit of our partner teams

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Education and resources

We support the journey of analysts at all levels with a series of engaging and informative online courses, free data and other resources

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The most granular data available

StatsBomb believe that the best insight starts with the best possible data. We built our data sets for soccer and American football from the ground up, identifying gaps in previously available data that meant that insight was being left on the table. Our service for teams is designed by analysts, for analysts and is developed by continuing to speak to our users about the challenges they face ever day

Pressures by player & team

Collected at event level, allowing analysis of how players and teams press and perform under pressure

Shot impact height

We record the impact height of every shot, adding further detail and nuance to our xG model

Pass footedness

Is a player more comfortable on their left or right side? Combine this with pressure data and other metrics to get a true insight into performance

Freeze Frames for shots

Knowing the location of every player in view at the time of a shot changes how xG is calculated and how finishing skill can be analysed

Goalkeeper location

We record the location of the goalkeeper at the time of every shot, enabling analysts to truly understand the performance of a keeper, and get a better sense of the quality of shots being taken

Post shot xG

Calculated after the shot, taking shot placement into account. Most useful in assessing goalkeeper performance.

Tools for professional analysts

We support our partner teams with a suite of cutting edge tools to allow them to get the most from StatsBomb data. StatsBomb IQ and IQ Live are the ultimate platforms to visualise our data, bringing actionable insights to your fingertips as and when you need them.

Alternatively, you can use our powerful API to access StatsBomb data directly, to be fed directly into your day to day processes

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Our unique event data collection spec records over 3,400 events per match, informing the work of analysts and coaches, supporting recruitment and increasing engagement with supporters

Critical decisions are made easier and more efficient with intuitive, accessible and immediate visualisations of our world-class data

Our all-new, fully customisable platform, is designed from the ground up with live analysis and content creation in mind

For bespoke projects or one off requests, our expert team is on hand to help

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