About StatsBomb.

We are Data Champions

We’re a sports data business, created by analysts for analysts, with a talented, growing team that is tireless in its collection and analysis of the world’s most comprehensive sports data. Our unique platform was crafted from the ground up to guarantee we could gather and analyse more, and more relevant data than anyone else, and be flexible enough to respond to new needs, opportunities and challenges at a moment’s notice

A truly global team


StatsBomb North

Our official headquarters are in the beautiful city of Bath, England

StatsBomb South

Several of our expert teams are based in Cairo, Egypt

Flexible, global & remote

We operate flexibly and have fully remote colleagues around the world

Our story

Our beginnings as a blog

StatsBomb started as a soccer analytics blog in 2013. Our founder Ted Knutson began writing about soccer data earlier that year and wanted to create a place to centralise good analysis from around the internet. The StatsBomb blog became the go-to place for thought-provoking, data-driven content. It succeeded in its goal of giving writers from across the world a greater profile and bringing together a wider community of analysts

Consulting for teams

Having gained a large profile in the soccer analytics world, StatsBomb, and Ted, in particular, had started to be approached by teams to assist them with their data challenges. The business that is now StatsBomb began as a consultancy to teams, working to cement a robust data-driven culture in organisations from leagues and competitions around the world

Building StatsBomb IQ

The first product produced by StatsBomb was StatsBomb IQ. It is still the most loved data visualisation platform across the world of soccer today. StatsBomb IQ was originally powered using data bought from other data companies, but fairly early on in our journey, we realised that we needed better data, created to a spec that we had crafted from the ground up

Joining forces with Arqam FC

We partnered with Arqam FC, based out of Cairo, Egypt and StatsBomb data was born. Arqam FC was an analytics business that had developed a way to collect and analyse soccer matches in great detail. They were the ideal partner for StatsBomb, and we officially joined forces in 2019. Arqam also has a media content creation agency, Arqam Digital, which works with clubs and federations, largely in the MENA region

Creating StatsBomb data

We knew that the data available at the time had gaps that compromised the ability of analysts to get a true picture of performance. We added new metrics that helped to complete the puzzle. We introduced pressures, transforming how defensive actions were analysed. We introduced freeze frames for shots, and shot impact height, to create truly representative xG models. StatsBomb data gave analysts the tools they needed to do their jobs properly

Launching American football

In early 2022, StatsBomb became a multi-sport data provider. We moved into American football, using all of our experience to produce a hybrid play-by-play data spec for NCAA football. Supplemented with IQ for American football, we're now changing the game in a second sport

Management team

CEO and Co-founder

Ted Knutson

Ted worked as Head of Player Analytics for Brentford and Midtjylland, and has consulted for multiple Champions League football clubs. His areas of expertise include recruitment, data visualization, and set piece design. A founder of StatsBomb.com, he has also appeared on Sky, been published by The Guardian and Daily Mirror, and is often consulted as an expert in the application of stats and analytics to football.

When he is not working on football, Ted is usually playing football with his son or cooking for the family.

COO and Co-founder

Charlotte Randall

Charlotte has extensive experience in Project Management, Marketing, UX, Sales, Product Development & Business Finance and has worked in organisations ranging from start-up to multi-national. Charlotte has managed the product development of new apps & analytics platforms in Education Technology, new global e-commerce platforms in Retail and hundreds of UX improvement projects. Charlotte spends most of her spare time with her three children but also loves a fitness challenge and often takes part in obstacle course races, half marathons and various other events to raise money for charity


Thom Lawrence

Thom is an experienced software engineer. He previously worked on the real-time big data needs of the aviation and telco industries, before founding his own natural language processing startup. In 2015 he started writing about football analytics on his blog, Deep xG, gaining notoriety for his work on the PATCH defensive metric and various brightly-coloured polygons. He has since consulted for clubs in hipster leagues you probably haven't even heard of. His research interests are in new approaches to defensive data, and the application of deep learning to ever more complex football data. Thom is based in Sheffield

Head of Data Product

Ali Elfakharany

A life-long techie and sports geek, Ali co-founded ArqamFC in 2017 with the aim of becoming the world's leading sports data company. Prior to working in football, Ali was on the investment team at BECO Capital, a leading MENA based venture capital firm. His role there was to help source and assess startups for investment opportunity as well as help with all things strategy, finance and data analysis. His love for data, problem-solving and new technologies leads to him spending most of his time outside of football learning about new technology start-ups

Head of Data Operations

Hesham Abozekry

Graduating with a BS in Architecture from Ain Shams university, Hesham has nearly a decade-long experience managing construction and architectural conservation projects prior to founding ArqamFC. He has vast experience in digital content creation working at ArqamFC, Juventus official Arabic website and social media. Hesham also holds the PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and he's a SMWW certified football scout


Simon Banoub

Simon is an experienced sports data marketer, having spent over 15 years working in the industry. His role at StatsBomb is to lead the marketing function, helping to develop and craft the StatsBomb brand as the company grows its profile around the world. He works closely with the product and sales teams to ensure that clients, prospects, and the wider market understand the unique benefits of StatsBomb's data and associated product set. Simon is a Middlesbrough FC fan and outside of work enjoys video gaming and scuba diving. Simon is a runner and every Saturday can be found at a parkrun somewhere near his house in Leeds

Director of Soccer

James Yorke

James has been involved with StatsBomb since 2014, first as a writer and then as Managing Editor between 2015 and 2018. In his current role, he oversees StatsBomb’s football operations and adds analytical and sport-specific context to the StatsBomb IQ and IQ Live products. James enjoys most sports in his free time, at least from a non-participation angle, and is content with his semi-rural existence

Director of North American Sports

Seth Partnow

Seth joined us on the cusp of StatsBomb launching a data product for the American football market at NCAA and NFL levels. He has extensive experience using data within elite US sports organisations, having served with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks from 2016 to 2019. He is also the author of a book about the evolution of basketball analytics called The Midrange Theory and writes regularly for The Athletic

Global VP of Sales

Trish Holst

Trish has over a decade of SaaS sales leadership experience, and has worked for the likes of 11:FS, The Guardian, and Haymarket. Her areas of expertise include P&L management, spend optimisation, operational efficiencies, risk mitigation and building strong teams. She has personally acquired strategic partnerships worth over half a million pounds. Trish has done business in French and English in the UK, Hong Kong, NYC, Paris, Brussels, and Luxembourg. She has a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins and loves diving with sharks (not metaphorically).

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