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Supporting the matchday workflow

Drive the narrative throughout the matchweek by utilising StatsBomb's IQ product set before, during and after the games. Highlight key match-ups, trends and analytical talking points by using the best football data ever created

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Pre match research

The ultimate pre-match research tool, StatsBomb iQ is the only place you need to go to uncover mind-blowing insights into player and team performance. Analyse trends that can help you to set the agenda in the run up to the big game, using the same cutting-edge data that over 100 professional teams already rely on

In game analysis & content creation

Designed for content managers to create content on the fly, StatsBomb IQ Live is a cutting-edge analytical tool that helps you tell better stories in the thick of the action.

Ideal for live content creation for digital and social media, in-game analysis and surfacing interesting emerging storylines

Show fans what the coach sees

Digital & social media

Engage and inform fans with data-driven content that drives and shapes the narrative. StatsBomb data is ideal for showing fans things that only the coaches currently see

Long-form analysis

For print media or more in-depth online coverage, StatsBomb data can be used to construct informative previews or longer analytical deep dives on tactical trends, performance or transfer activity


Use StatsBomb data and Live IQ to create engaging broadcast graphics, inform and educate commentary teams or bring half-time and full-time analysis to life


Align your brand with the best players and teams in the world by using data to create branded content for use across all media, before, during and after the game


For betting companies that need to engage fans and drive sportsbook activity, StatsBomb data can be used to create compelling content that positions your brand as the place to go for added insight

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Driving the narrative


Süddeutsche Zeitung

The German newspaper used StatsBomb data to evaluate Harry Kane's move to FC Bayern Munich

Viaplay Sport Polska

The Polish network used StatsBomb radars to carry out detailed post-match analysis during an on-screen broadcast

Discovery Sweden

In depth analysis using StatsBomb data and presented across on-screen broadcasts and social media platforms


Kicker use StatsBomb data to power social media, website and podcast content to educate and inform soccer fans about analytical trends

The Anfield Wrap

The Anfield Wrap analyse Liverpool FC's performances and preview upcoming matches using StatsBomb data and IQ, with output across their podcast, YouTube channel and website

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports News used StatsBomb's detailed data to bring new insight to analysis of the transfer market in the English Premier League

Flexible access options

StatsBomb has a range of options to ensure that our data and tools fit seamlessly into the established workflows of content creators and data analysts

Powerful and flexible API

The StatsBomb API makes it easier to work with StatsBomb metrics in an automated fashion. All the data that can be viewed in IQ - either in the Team/Player stats tables or in IQ Scout - can be pulled directly into the user's software without the need to download a CSV and import it first. Crucially, it saves analysts time and forms a part of an efficient workflow: everything that IQ was designed to be

Piero integration

Piero is a state-of-the-art broadcast graphics tool, used widely and the great effect around the world. StatsBomb data integrates directly into Piero, enabling insightful and educational visualisations to power cutting-edge storytelling and content creation

StatsBomb IQ

StatsBomb IQ is the number one data visualisation platform for StatsBomb soccer and American football data. Created by analysts for everyone, IQ gives media companies the ability to do a deep dive into the data, ideal for powering the narrative in the pre and post-game environment

StatsBomb IQ Live

StatsBomb IQ Live has been created with in-game analysis and content creation in mind. Flexible, powerful and customisable, StatsBomb IQ Live shows you the data you want to see, and alerts you to newsworthy data stories that are happening across a range of live matches