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Exploit every edge by only using the most detailed, most accurate data for your trading and predictive modelling. Over 140 leagues and competitions covered

About StatsBomb data

Truly representative xG models

StatsBomb's xG model has been proven to be the most accurate on the market, taking into account data points such as defender and goalkeeper locations at the time of a shot

About StatsBomb xG

An edge through better modelling

By utilising the richest data set on the market, trading teams of all sizes can create and benefit from the most impactful models, leaving nothing to chance

Content for customer engagement

StatsBomb's media tools and live data can also help you drive sportsbook activity by providing engaging and informative data-driven content for your marketing channels

About StatsBomb Media products

The sharpest traders use StatsBomb xG

Poor quality expected goals models are misleading and quickly erode confidence. StatsBomb Expected Goals (xG) model uses additional context including the position of the goalkeeper, the defenders, pressure and shot height to reveal a truer picture

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Competitor - 0.48xG

StatsBomb - 0.86xG

Competitor - 0.36xG

StatsBomb - 0.81xG

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Deep data for modelling and odds creation

StatsBomb work with trading teams of all sizes to help them improve their performance. Utilising the power of a database of hundreds of thousands of matches across 140+ leagues and competitions, StatsBomb data provides the ideal basis for predictive models that are at the cutting edge of the betting and gaming industry

Live data for in-running trading

For in-game trading of major competitions we have a separate Live data feed, supported by an intuitive analytical research platform, IQ Live. This data comes with a high level of detail and includes a live version of StatsBomb's market leading xG model, ensuring trading teams get an accurate picture of the real flow of a game

Marketing and customer engagement

We understand that betting companies need to engage and inform fans, viewers and users of their platforms in order to drive repeat custom. Our data, supported by our media product set, is ideal for crafting narratives around performance of players, teams as well as the ins and outs of the transfer market. This content is ideal to use across digital and social media to engage and enthral fans of all types

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Products to support trading teams

We understand the unique pressures facing betting companies and have a suite of user-friendly products designed to help at all stages of a match day, from marketing and customer acquisition to in-running trading and prop bet creation

IQ Live is a powerful tool for analysing multiple matches as they happen.

The best football data ever created, for 140+ competitions. Why settle for anything less?

StatsBomb IQ is the data analysis tool trusted by professionals worldwide

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